Getting married in Goa





Goa is among the top locations in the world for couples to tie the knot. Other than the beautiful scenes, the perfect setup and ambiance, Goa has a very functional and thriving wedding industry. Wedding planners and coordinators are not difficult to come by in the state and would be more than willing to assist with organizing a wedding.

There are a few aspects of organizing a wedding that would have to be handled in advance, depending on the specifics of the wedding. Booking the church would need permissions and requirements, so it is a process that would need to be started in advance. The second being the reception venue since the popular ones usually have to be booked in advance since they are dealing with a lot of people looking for the same area for their weddings.

Furthermore, couples can decide if they want to get married by the seashore or at a wedding hall. Although Goa has the biggest coastline, there aren’t many places that would be able to accommodate a wedding by the water, so finding the right one might be a challenge.

Finding caterers should not be an issue since there are a lot who would be more than willing to cook up a storm. Make sure you have them booked out in advance since they might not be available on the day otherwise. Getting a Goan menu should not be difficult, but if there are some tropical or out of country dishes, make sure you get a sample before the wedding.

For all other coordination, get in touch with your wedding planners as soon as possible and get the ball rolling on the happiest day of your life.